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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 24, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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this flower girl really steals the show. >> it was a beautiful wedding until an unhappy flower girl stole the show. [ screaming ] >> that is worth seeing again. >> i think her family will be using that video against her for years. >> absolutely and she is [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. we'll leave that there. you got a weather balloon, with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything.
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same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> developing at eleven. the search for a man lost at sea.
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it happened off the coast of half moon bay. right now, the coast search called off -- kron4 is monitoring the situation -- and we'll have a full report ahead. but first -- a relationship dispute could be to blame for a deadly marine base triple shooting. the tragedy happened this week in virginia -- both the shooter, and one of the two people murdered are from the bay area. right now -- we are learning more about them. tonight -- only on kron4 we speak to the east bay victims' god mother. and her daughters. we start our team coverage with kron4's maureen kelly. she's uncovered new details about the pacifica man. government officials say pulled the trigger, then turned the gun on himself. >> reporter: facebook photos posted by sgt oo-say-bio lopez.better known as levi to his him goofing off in his dress blues.making funny faces has he runs in formation in camouflage.and proudly posing with action movie star chuck norris.
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.an american flag flies over his family home in pacifica.the people inside saying they did not want to talk to the media at this time. a neighbor who did not want to appear on camera says she was surprised to hear the allegations against the young man who would wave to her when he occasionally came home to visit his family. who she described as nice people. according to the marine corp.the 25 year old joined up seven years ago. serving in both the afghanistan and iraq wars.he was heavily decorated.earning 11 awards. he was promoted to sergeant in 2011and was a tactics instructor, specializing as a machine gunner at the officer candidate school. that's where the lopez allegedly turned his gun onto 19 year old lance coporal sara castromata of oakley, ca and 23 year old corporal jacob wooley.of mississippi. one of lopez's facebook friends who served with him posted a comment that he was quote a great marine,
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one the the best the corps had.he made a terrible decision and i feel so bad for the lives that were taken but lopez was an amazing man, not a coward at all. he just made that terrible mistake. i love and miss him.: rip brother, semper fi. maureen kelly kron 4 news our team coverage continues with kron four's philippe djegal. he has new information about the bay area victim -- lance corporal sara castromata. >> reporter: these are photos of lance corporal sara castromata posted on her facebook page, and others shared with kron 4 from her family. she was 19 years old. born and raised in oakley. and, via instagram, kron four has learned that castromata is a recent graduate from liberty high school here in brentwood. she joined the marine corps in december 20-11, serving as a warehouse clerk. last month, she was promoted to her current rank. though she was not deployed. she earned a number of awards. including the defense medal. and, global war on terrorism service medal. friends and family say she was best known for her charity work. they say she would often volunteer for her church. she is described as a melo
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person. she has two sisters. philippe djegal, kron 4 news >> new tonight at eleven. friends of castromata talking about dealing with the loss. in a story you'll only see on kron4. we talked to the murdered marine's godmother and her two daughters. who say sara was one of a kind. >> this is my son who is in kuwait and he is also hurt about this as well. >> shoes and wonderful caring person. >> i remember her as also being loving, caring and making me laugh and helped me with my homework. >> it has been very, very devastating. she had a great personality and sense of humor. >> how do you move on from
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this? >> remembering her smile. stay with us as we follow this developing story. we'll bring you any new information as we get it. developing right now. the coast guard has now called off the search for a man missing off the coast of half moon bay. it all started when he jumped in the water during a football game at the beach. kron4's scott rates is here with the latest -- scott? take a look. >> reporter: they have been searching up and down the coast. we can see they have been searching are around pillar point. were this 20 year-old went missing. this 22 year-old of the year lopez was playing soccer. -- javier..lopez was playing soccer on the beach and decided to take a swim and
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that was the last they saw him. this was a very sad day for the community. because of the conditions they are not sure if they're going to continue the search tomorrow. >> this live look outside of the bay bridge with mainly clear fog are round the coast. we will see a pretty cooler temperatures and low or clouds in the morning. as for go for the afternoon as well as the cloudiness. gusting winds 20 m.p.h.-30 m.p.h. it will cool things down by five, 10 degrees. military officials say a readings in the 50s. and also
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>> soldier from hayward has died from wounds suffered last week in afghanistan. the department of defense says 31-year-old sergeant 1st class james grissom died thursday from small arms fire on march 18. grissom was assigned to a special forces group and was shot in remote southeast afghanistan bordering pakistan. coming up at eleven. the fight over california's same sex marriage ban heads to the supreme court this week. a look at what it all means after the break. then -- severe weather wreaking havoc across parts of the u-s. it even forced the cancellation of a major sporting event. and at 11-15. the memorial for a young teenager, killed on a northern california race- track. kron4 was there the emotional event. the news at eight continues next. next. --11 hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. next. --11 oh, the lights came on.
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>> after years of struggle on both sides of the issue, the supreme court will hear two separate appeals this week on the issue of same- sex marriage. arguments will be made to
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establish same-sex marriage as a constitutional right. cristina mutchler has more. >> reporter: people are already lining up at the supreme court in hopes of getting a seat to witness history. arguments over the right to same-sex marriage start tuesday. central in the debate-- whether marriage should be considered a state or federal issue. >> "americans on both sides of this issue are deeply invested in this debate on marriage. we don't need a 50 state solution presented by the supreme court when our democratic institutions are perfectly capable of handling this issue." >> "there are certain things that shouldn't be put up for a vote. and gay people, like non-gay people, deserve, under the constitution, the ability to shape a family to build a life, and to have these dreams." >> reporter: appeals will be heard on california's "proposition 8" that outlaws same sex marriage and and the federal defense of marriage act - or doma - that legally defines marriage as between a man and woman. conservative leader rand paul says he believes in traditional marriage, but not doma. >> "i don't want the government promoting something i don't believe in, but i also don't mind if
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the government tries to be neutral on the issue." >> reporter: although recent polls show a majority of americans support of same sex marriage, california's attorney general says it's more important to read the constitution. >> "i am absolutely against a ban on same-sex marriages because because they are simply unconstitutional." >> reporter: i'm cristina mutchler reporting for kron 4 news. >> a view from the golden gate. with rainfall, coming up. . [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need for easter.
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>> a very sad day in the north bay. hundreds came out to remember 14 year old marcus johnson. he died last week at the marysville raceway -- struck and killed in a freak accident by his cousin's racecar. all after it went off the track and crashed into him in the pit. kron 4's j.r. stone takes us to today's funeral. his name was marcus johnson?.he may have only been 14 years old when he died but during those years he touched the lives of many >> when we see the shooting star ronald that it is you. >> reporter: the mother fought back tears the entire time.
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>> i am so sad that he is going to miss out on all of these things marcus' mom, gina johnson, spoke at his memorial sunday and fought back tears the entire time. johnson was an up and coming racer?he started competing on go karts at age 5 and in nine years won more than 200 races. his race suits and trophy?s were on stage at his memorial sunday?.along with his basketball gear. one by one his classmates came to the microphone but they didn?t talk about marcus?s athletic ability. they talked about marcus their good friend. through the tears his mom remembered the good times and one of her last memories with her son.
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>> when he saw me he picked me up and twirled me around i was amazed that he could pick me up. (audience laughs) and he was really doing those pushups that his grandfather said that he was going to do. and he had such a sensibility about him and a great way about him >> reporter: reporterthere were lots of tears shed here at this memorial on sunday. also lots of parents holding their kids a bit tighter. some of the teens i talked with said school just won?t be the same without marcus. reporting in santa rosa, j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> this law over the bay with this also, the low
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clouds will be pushing into the inland valleys with gray skies. very slowly to clear. perhaps not until noon from this storm. that will help keep things cool down. it is getting closer to us for tomorrow. with increase with clouds and the chance for some sprinkles or showers. and the big impact on this system will be the cooler temperatures. from the '70s this weekend. 60s, 70's, and low mid 60s for tomorrow. we will see the chance for tuesday and wednesday some
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showers but as this moves onshore is fully going to dissipate. just a mixture of clouds and son and an occasional passing of showers. probably not even meeting the windshield wipers however, this second system on thursday could be stronger but still the potential of light rain. this second system is going to hang out offshore flow of the and least 40's. a better chance of showers on/off, what ththe weekend. with futurecast, some low clouds starting off and as we mentioned, slowing to clear. and for the afternoon, low clouds and high clouds from that storm system. and as we go through out the date on monday, at 4:00 p.m. watch
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for a couple of small shores and sprinkles. to the north and to the west of you,. that is where we could see the bulk of this activity. temperatures for monday 30's in the north bay and well as the east bay. highs for the afternoon will get into the low mid 60s. cooling down quite a bit. five, 10 degrees and the warmest areas will be in the mid 60s. 50s. the bay and san francisco would also 50s high oakland 60s and your kron 4 7 day around the bay tuesday, cop and sunshine. wednesday, with some light showers possible and slightly heavier rain on thursday. but that chance
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persists for the weekendand remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on >> a massive rainstorm blows through central florida. and with it comes heavy rains and destruction. you are looking at a time lapse video of that very storm over orlando. as you can see wave after wave of rain sweeps through the city. many florida residents are spending today cleaning up after that heavy rainstorm. alex hill takes a closer look at the damage that the rain left in its wake. >> "all you heard was wind whipping and the next thing we know, we heard the tree crackling out front and everything just went black." >> reporter: minutes later, mark brummels front yard looked like this. and his was far from the only lake city storm story. take a look at what used to be morris timmons carport. he was inside when the whipping winds sent debris flying. >> "i head like a big boom outside and when i went to the back door and looked out i saw all the debris over
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>> reporter: on saturday, as storms spiraled north florida, t hit with some of the worst damage in the area. more than 200 trees fell through columbia county alone. and then came the rain. causing wet roads and wet houses too. a messy situation only made worse by the lack of power. city traffic lights were down for hours. along with the power in many people's homes. >> "i'll probably go stay with a family member for the night and contact the insurance company first thing monday morning." >> "we're lucky, lucky to be alive." >> the rain was so bad today that it forced the delay and evacuation of the arnold palmer invitational at bay hill in florida. as you can see here there was heavy rains. whipping winds. and rapidly moving water. it got so bad at one point that a tornado warning was issued. despite the storm there were no immediate reports of damage to the course. this marks the third time this year that weather has
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delayed a p-g-a tournament. that storm that's toppling trees in florida is doing the same thing in atlanta. after heavy rainfall all weekend this tree fell over -- smashing part of an abandoned apartment complex and crushing a truck. it happened just after noon today. luckily no one was injured. meanwhile a massive snowstorm continues to threaten the central portion of the country. today hundreds of people were temporarily stranded in saint-louis' lambert airport. the snow is forcing some airlines to cancel flights into and out of the area. passengers say they aren't sure how long their flights are going to be delayed. forecasters are calling for up to eight inches of snow in the saint-louis alone. that snowstorm is dumping up to fifteen inches of snow in parts of colorado and kansas as it makes its way east. this is video from colorado. winter storm warnings for today and tomorrow have been issued as far east as pennsylvania. the storm is expected to reach indiana later tonight -- dumping roughly six to ten inches there. then it will move onwards to ohio, pennsylvania, and new york. the storm is expected to hit the atlantic by monday
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night. coming up next at eight. the "family" movie that took the top spot at the box office. entertainment news is next.
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actress tilda a very different kind of performance.and animated cave men rule the box office.
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carl azuz has this weeks hollywood minute. >> she is literally sleeping on the job. she is sleeping inside of a large glass box. dozens of patrons got their first look on the saturday there is no set schedule. she will be there at least a half-dozen more times before the end of the year. >> dreamworks came in first at the box office. they clubbed the competition with $44.7 million in ticket sales. and also an action movie came in second to. and oz is still going strong. sales. >> take a look at this. during today's p-g-a tour action in florida sergio garcia climbed up into a tree to tee off after his g